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Press reviews

 "Este concierto se caracterizó por la pureza de sus líneas, su seductora belleza de armonías, así como la singular sutileza pianística, halló en Bezzato un fell intérprete."_cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

El telegraph

"The recital by Javier Bezzato was a grandiose opening concert of the current season of our concert series “Kultur Kehrsatz”. His courage in programming the most famous Beethoven sonatas was worth it: the audience was thrilled, especially because the music was reasonably well known. And since the interpretation was carefully structured, intimate and fierce, it never seemed cheap. The encore was also a highlight: "For Elise": the main motif consisting of 8 sixteenths, actually hackneyed, comes across as extremely sensitively finely arranged, so that it left everybody breathless".

Jean-Luc Reichel, organizer

“Bezzato owed nothing to the work: Brilliantly and flawlessly he condensed the runs into cascades, deepened the dialogue with the subtly moving ensemble in the Adagio and impressed in the expectant transition to the final movement.”

Langenthaler Tagblatt

"Bezzato translated his sovereign technique into a playing that was impressively committed to the drama as well as to the nobility in the subtly grasped tonal levels".

BZ Oberaargau

"I congratulate you most warmly for your superbly interpreted sonatas by Beethoven. Although I know the three works quite well and even tried my hand at two of them on the piano myself - but with a result that leaves much to be desired - your playing was a true revelation. How you captured and unfolded this ingenious being will remain the Beethoven experience of the year for me.

In every sonata, you rounded the compositional richness with its inherent poetry into a characterful whole - wonderfully transparent to the finest, you created a cosmos of inner activity with your sensitive playing, crystal clear and striking in its contrasts.

You are a sovereign creator in personal modesty! Chapeau!"

Honoration after concert, Heinz Kunz,

music critic

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