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Javier Bezzato was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. At the age of 11 he began his musical career with Maria Massini at the Montevideano Conservatory.


Later the artist attends the University of Montevideo and studied with Carmen Mutarelli and Celia Roca. In 2003 he graduated with distinction with the Concert Diploma.

He had won the "Ciudad de Montevideo" competition in 2002, giving him the opportunity to continue his studies in France. There he studied with Denis Pascal at the Conservatoire de Rueil-Malmaison and at the Ecole Normale de Musique Paris with France Clidat.

Javier Bezzato studied at the Zurich University of the Arts with Prof. Homero Francesch and will complete his teaching diploma in 2009.

He was awarded with the “Werner and Berti Alter Foundation Prize” for the completion of his pedagogical subjects.

Javier Bezzato performs in various countries in South America and Europe. In addition to his concert activities he teaches at the Oberaargauische Musikschule Langenthal.

“The piano has fascinated me since my childhood and early on I decided to dedicate myself to music.”

Javier Bezzato

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